Joan Baldwin

Over the years Joan has expressed her ideas in a variety of artistic forms. In the past the medium has been pastels and oil paintings, using furniture with human qualities as the subject matter. That theme has evolved and she has since painted images of Cape Cod with humans and lately animals. Joan has also branched out to express her ideas, through terrarium type containers and installations.

Her present paintings from her most recent show The Marshes in 2016, imaginatively present saltwater marsh scenes, with birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, and fish going about their daily routines. Her vivid imagery reveals a keen eye for detail and composition as well as her background in illustration, and her subjects demonstrate her sense of humor and appreciation for the setting where she draws inspiration, the Nauset marshes at Cape Cod.


ARTSCOPE – May/June 2016
Bucolic Innuendo – Joan Baldwin’s Marshes

ART NEW ENGLAND - February/March 2010
Joan Baldwin: Pleasant Bay - Furniture at Cape Cod

ARTSCOPE - March/April, 2010
Thayer Street - A Destination or an Attitude? Maybe Both
Writer James Foritano investigates the various galleries on Thayer Street in the South End:

"On the other hand, Joan Baldwin’s technique, in the adjacent Kingston Gallery, is to strew furniture and plumbing fixtures in plain view amidst her picture-perfect oils of Cape Cod scenes. This would be a joke if Baldwin’s scenes weren’t so compelling, so redolent of sand, sea and air that they make you want to call public works and have “that furniture removed!” But there it sets right in the current of your favorite meandering creek, or hidden bayberry copse, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it – short of vandalism."

Purchasing Information

Some paintings and pastels in the gallery section of this website are for sale. For further information, send an email to Joan.

Joan’s work on exhibit at the Kingston Gallery.

The Marshes show in 2016
The Marshes, 2016

Out & About show in 2014Out & About show in 2014

Kingston Gallery Interior 2012
Sit & Be show in 2012

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